Montag, 6. Juni 2011

new wooden clogs

LOVE. Clogs by Marc O'Polo. They are perfect to white lace!

Heeeelloooo everyone :)

Actually I wanted to start with my own blog when I'm done with the finals but I simply couldn't wait :)
My name is Valentina, I'm 20 years old and currently living in Austria. Actually i wanted to start with my own blog when I'm done with the finals but i simply couldn't wait! I found out blogging is a quite enjoyable alternative programm for learning... :P Even being bored is less boring than learning! My motivation is already on holiday BUT I'll catch her up in exactly 20 days. The 26th of June will be the probably luckiest day of my entire life! It's the day I will finally leave Vorarlberg, which is situated in the west of Austria and the probably most boring place in the world. I'm going to travel arround the whole summer and move to Vienna in autumn to start studying psychology. Can't wait!

Here's the first outfit I'd like you to show. I found this rusty red 70ies jumpsuit at H&M and it was love at the first sight! It's my favourite choice for a night out but there's one thing about those jumpsuits which is pretty nonpractical for going out, let me tell you. Everytime you go to the toilet you need to pull it off completely, except you like to mop the toilet ground with it ;)


jumpsuit, blazer & scarf H&M, clogs MANGO, straw/leather clutch Bershka, pearl earrings from my granny